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Treatment April 18, 2018 MAAC Staff

How Personalized Cancer Vaccines Can Treat Mesothelioma

Immunotherapy has become a key aspect of cancer research in recent years, though there is still a lot of work ahead to truly unlock…

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Treatment April 11, 2018 MAAC Staff

5 Best Cancer Treatment Centers in the U.S.

When facing a cancer diagnosis, one of the most important decisions you can make is where to go for treatment. Choosing an oncologist and…

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Community April 4, 2018 MAAC Staff

How to Talk to Kids About Cancer

Opening up about a cancer diagnosis to loved ones is an exceptionally difficult experience, especially when trying to talk to your children. Whether it’s…

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Asbestos March 28, 2018 MAAC Staff

How to Identify Asbestos: A Brief Guide

In its heyday, asbestos was used in thousands of products and materials across many industries like construction, shipbuilding and automotive. Though today the mineral…

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Community March 21, 2018 MAAC Staff

Financial Help for Cancer Patients

After a cancer diagnosis, patients and their loved ones have many decisions to make about treatment and next steps. But for many, it’s not…

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Asbestos March 14, 2018 MAAC Staff

When Was Asbestos Banned? It Hasn’t Been

When people think of toxic substances and the resulting exposure, they often may think of radon, lead or even cigarette smoke. Asbestos may not…

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Community March 8, 2018 MAAC Staff

What to Say to Someone Whose Family Member Has Cancer

When someone you know has cancer or has a loved one with cancer, it can be incredibly difficult to know what to say or…

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Treatment February 28, 2018 MAAC Staff

Mesothelioma Life Expectancy Without Treatment

For many rare diseases, mesothelioma included, patients face a rather poor prognosis. This dilemma often hinges on the fact that it’s difficult to diagnose…

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