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Caregivers August 17, 2017 MAAC Staff

How to Advocate for Your Loved One with Cancer

Countless movies, sitcoms, books, and even everyday situations showcase the power of love and family. When facing a cancer diagnosis, support from loved ones…

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Patient Support August 11, 2017 MAAC Staff

Travel and Long-Term Lodging Guide for Cancer Patients

We all know cancer is expensive. Considering the typical cancer drug costs more than double an average person’s annual income for just one year…

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Health & Wellness August 2, 2017 MAAC Staff

Understanding Asbestos Abatement Procedures

Many of us see the charm in owning an older home. Maybe it was chosen for its character, the unique architectural design of years…

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Patient Support July 24, 2017 MAAC Staff

How to Choose a Doctor for Your Cancer Care

Finding a doctor is a huge decision, even when you are relatively healthy. Everyone has a fairly long list of traits they want to…

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Health & Wellness July 12, 2017 MAAC Staff

New Treatment Combination Gives Hope to Late-Stage Mesothelioma Patients

Patients facing late-stage mesothelioma often only have the option of palliative treatment. The aggressive disease has progressed too much for surgery or other curative…

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Patient Support July 5, 2017 MAAC Staff

What Is Cancer Remission?

“You’re in remission” is among the best news you can hear as a cancer patient. It makes the hard decisions, the challenges of treatment,…

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Health & Wellness June 28, 2017 MAAC Staff

The Importance of Respiratory Therapy

Breathing is a necessity of life. While we can survive for a time without food or water, we can’t survive long without breathing. But…

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Patient Support June 21, 2017 MAAC Staff

Peritoneal Cancer Index: What it Means for Mesothelioma Patients

Cancer in the abdomen, or peritoneal cancer, is very rare. It occurs when cancer cells develop on the peritoneum, the thin cell lining of…

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