Free Mesothelioma Guide

Includes the latest on patient treatment options, top doctors, and financial compensation assistance.

Free Mesothelioma Guide

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    Our complete carry with you guide details mesothelioma basics, new treatments and financial options for you, your family and friends. Get the expertise you need today.

    Detailed information and resources about your diagnosis

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    Diagnosis Details
    • Find out how your medical history and exposure to asbestos can help doctors diagnose mesothelioma.
    • Learn the difference between imaging scan types — X-rays, PET, MRI, and CT — and how each one is used in diagnosing mesothelioma.
    • Understand the different types of biopsies, and their importance for obtaining a tissue sample to provide a definitive diagnosis.
    • Get information about new diagnostic tests, such as biomarker blood tests, that can detect mesothelioma earlier.

    Get information on the latest emerging treatments and clinical trials

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    Emerging Treatments & Clinical Trials
    • Discover details about the different types of emerging treatments that are offering patients more chances at surviving mesothelioma.
    • Read about advances in immunotherapy, gene therapy, and photodynamic therapy in treating mesothelioma.
    • Understand the difference between Phase I, Phase II, and Phase III clinical trials, and find out which one can offer the best opportunity for you.
    • See profiles of the top mesothelioma specialists and researchers in the country, with information about their experience and expertise.

    Resources to understand your financial rights and options for medical expenses

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    Your Financial Rights
    • Understand the costs involved in treating mesothelioma, including everything from diagnostic tests all the way through to follow-up visits.
    • Find out what legal rights you have to receive compensation from companies that may be responsible for your exposure to asbestos.
    • See a list of asbestos trusts that are paying out settlements on asbestos-related medical claims.
    • Find a directory of companies that have knowingly put people at risk of developing mesothelioma by manufacturing or distributing asbestos and asbestos products.

    Questions to bring to your doctors and healthcare team

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    Questions For Your Caregivers
    • Find questions to ask your doctors about your diagnosis, treatment options, clinical trials, and more.
    • Understand some of the most common concerns expressed by patients, family members, friends, and caregivers.
    • Read testimonials from patients and clients who can provide insight about their own cases.
    • Learn where to go and whom to trust when you have additional questions that are not covered.

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