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Mesothelioma News Asbestos falls from school building ceiling, prompting mesothelioma worries

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Toledo Public Schools in Toledo, Ohio will spend $52,000 to clean up asbestos that fell from the Old West End Academy’s ceiling, reports Toledo Blade. The hazardous material fell while the roof was being repaired.

Wolfe’s Roofing Inc., of Walbridge, knocked the hazardous asbestos loose while working in the school. The asbestos was scattered across the floor, creating a hazardous environment for workers.

In order to ensure workers’ safety, the building, located at Collingwood Boulevard and Central Avenue, was evacuated. Work on the ceiling was also halted.

Asbestos is a highly toxic material, found in many older homes and buildings. Once exploited for its fire retardant properties, the material can be found in piping, tile flooring and other construction materials. When disturbed, the airborne particles pose a serious health risk to those exposed.

Extended exposure to the material has been known to cause several diseases, including mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is the most aggressive asbestos-related disease, known to form from the mesothelium.

Unfortunately, many patients plagued with the asbestos cancerare unaware of their condition for several decades. And due to their late diagnosis, are often faced with short life expectancy periods. Mesothelioma treatment efforts are simply palliative as there is no known mesothelioma cure.

The Toldeo Board of Education voted unanimously to remove the hazardous substance from the building, before the school year begins. The administration may seek reimbursement for the cleanup from Wolf’s Roofing.