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Health & Wellness January 26, 2017 MAAC Staff

5 Types of Products That Still Contain Asbestos

A lot of people think that asbestos is banned – but they are wrong! Today, certain products made or imported into the United States…

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In The Community January 24, 2017 MAAC Staff

Cindy Zody Shares Her Father’s Mesothelioma Story

I lost my dad to mesothelioma on June 12, 2016. He was diagnosed in March of that year. I had heard of mesothelioma before…

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Health & Wellness January 19, 2017 MAAC Staff

Is Asbestos Exposure on the Rise – or Are We Just More Aware?

Almost every day it seems like there are more and more stories of asbestos exposure coming out in the news. In addition to the…

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In The Community January 17, 2017 MAAC Staff

A Daughter’s Fight to Save Her Mother from Mesothelioma

Sharon Jones lives in Auckland, New Zealand, and works at a family-owned seed company that sells corn and grass seed locally and exports around…

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Health & Wellness January 13, 2017 MAAC Staff

Asbestos in Drinking Water: What It Means and Why It Matters

Residents of the small South Texas town of Devine recently received a disturbing letter informing them that asbestos levels in their drinking water were…

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Patient Support January 12, 2017 MAAC Staff

Telling Family and Friends You Have Cancer

Telling your family members and close friends that you have been diagnosed with cancer can be a difficult experience on many levels. Merely trying…

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Patient Support January 9, 2017 MAAC Staff

Why Compensation for Mesothelioma Patients Is Necessary

When it comes to mesothelioma, many people are aware of it only through late-night commercials from law firms. “Have you been exposed to asbestos?”…

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In The Community December 29, 2016 MAAC Staff

Top Asbestos Stories from 2016

Earlier this week, we shared some of the most significant medical advances related to mesothelioma over the past year. In conjunction with those advances,…

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