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Community October 5, 2017 MAAC Staff
Dr. Mansfield explains mesothelioma clinical trials

Dr. Mansfield Explains the Importance of Clinical Trials for Mesothelioma Research

Dr. Aaron Mansfield, a translational scientist at the Mayo Clinic and Associate Professor of Medical Oncology, first became interested in studying immunology before he…

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Community January 12, 2017 MAAC Staff
what to say when someone dies of cancer

Telling Family and Friends You Have Cancer

Telling your family members and close friends that you have been diagnosed with cancer can be a difficult experience on many levels. Merely trying…

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Community November 21, 2016 MAAC Staff
respiratory therapy

The Challenges of Long-Distance Cancer Caregiving

This post is part of our series on caregiving for National Family Caregivers Month in November. Check out our previous post on caregiving tips…

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Community October 4, 2016 MAAC Staff
Mesothelioma | Caregiving Tips

Caregiving Tips from Caregivers

There‚Äôs no doubt about it: Caregiving can be extremely difficult. Not only do you need to attend to the needs of the person under…

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