Vice President Joe Biden’s Cancer Moonshot Summit

Treatment // June 27, 2016

On June 29, Vice President Joe Biden will host a Cancer Moonshot Summit at the White House. The summit will be attended by various leaders from across the country, including doctors, researchers, public health officials, advocates, and a number of other individuals.

At the same time, local summits will be held across the United States as an opportunity for those who cannot travel to Washington, D.C., to come together and discuss ways to accelerate cancer research and, hopefully, develop a cure.

About the Cancer Moonshot

The Cancer Moonshot Initiative was introduced earlier this year by President Obama during his State of the Union speech. In his address, the president called for a new approach to cancer research, stating that he believed America could become the country to cure cancer “once and for all.”

A big part of the Cancer Moonshot initiative is developing better collaboration between individuals and organizations within the cancer community. Everyone from those diagnosed with cancer to family members, advocates, researchers, and the doctors who treat them, need to work together if we are going to find a cure for this dreadful and deadly disease.

What makes the Cancer Moonshot Summit so unique is that it is the first event of its kind to pull together experts from different fields and disciplines to discuss the new efforts that are being taken. This summit will introduce new research and provide a forum for people across the country to learn what to expect from current and forthcoming clinical trials and other areas of focus.

Local Cancer Moonshot Summits

At the same time as the National Cancer Moonshot Summit in Washington, local summits will take place in more than 100 locations across the country. During the event, Vice President Joe Biden will address the local summits in video.

The following table lists some of the locations of where local summits are being held.