Gifts for Cancer Patients Who Are Mothers

Community // May 10, 2018

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and children are looking to find the perfect gift for mom. This can be a particularly difficult task for those that have a mother battling cancer. Finding helpful gifts for woman cancer patients doesn’t have to be hard, as long as their wants and needs are priority. Cancer treatment can be extremely difficult and draining for patients, mesothelioma treatment in particular. Women can experience intense side effects, such as exhaustion, nausea, inability to concentrate, loss of appetite and hair loss. This is a time when cancer patients, especially mom, need the support, comfort and care of their children.

Learn more about what your loved one is going through with a guide on mesothelioma.

Gifts for Patients Tracking Their Journey

The average life expectancy for patients with mesothelioma is bleak, but many find hope in the stories of cancer survivors. Many mesothelioma patients going through treatment like to track their journey to share with others and bring awareness to the disease. A journal could be a thoughtful gift for mom that will help her share her story. This can also help her reflect on thoughts, feelings, successes and obstacles experienced throughout her treatment journey.

A personalized planner is also a great gift idea for women with cancer, providing them with an easy way to track their treatments, keep track of medication requirements, plan doctors’ appointments and schedule time with loved ones.

Gifts for Patients Away from Home

Mesothelioma and other aggressive cancers often require a lot of time from home, especially if the patient is undergoing multimodal treatments that combine chemotherapy, radiation and/or surgery. The combination of treatments and corresponding medications could entail a lot of monitoring and professional care that requires hospitalization.

When moms are away from home, they often miss their family, which makes photo gifts a great gift idea for moms that are in the hospital. Chemo patients face a variety of side effects, one of which is fatigue. A cozy blanket with a photo collage of her family is a thoughtful idea for a mom battling cancer, so she can hold her memories close as she finds rest vital for recovery.

Another thoughtful idea for mom battling cancer away from home is taking the idea of a cancer gift basket and turning it into a tote as a more practical gift idea. Fill the tote like a care package with items that will give mom the extra strength she needs to push through a difficult time, and think about what she needs most. Consider treatment side effects and potential ways to alleviate them, such as mouth drops for combatting mouth sores and metallic taste, chamomile tea to help soothe and relax, a tablet and an audiobook gift card to listen to favorite books instead of reading with visual fatigue, or even a headwrap or beanie if she’s facing hair loss. The smallest token could be extremely helpful and shows mom that you’re really thinking about what she will appreciate most on a day dedicated just to her.

Inspirational Gift Ideas for Woman Cancer Patients

From the time of cancer diagnosis through a patient’s entire treatment journey, there is not just a physical toll, but an emotional one as well. There are a variety of resources patients can turn to for support, but small gestures of hope and inspiration from loved ones is also necessary throughout the healing process.

A motivational adult coloring book is a unique idea, especially for artsy or creative moms. The distraction and simplicity of coloring can be just what she needs to keep her mind occupied, while having a little bit of fun. Oftentimes, patients experience “chemo brain” after chemotherapy treatments, where they feel disoriented or foggy, in which case a simple activity could offer relief. In addition, studies have proven that coloring can lower anxiety levels and promote relaxation. Similar ideas might be a motivational calendar with quotes to offer a little brightness to each day or an audiobook about another survivor’s journey through cancer treatment. Mom is likely taking a step back from her busy lifestyle, ao anything that will keep her busy is sure to be appreciated.

Gifts That Give Back

Oftentimes mothers insist that they don’t need anything, and don’t want their children spending money on more “stuff.” If that’s the case, donating to a cancer organization is a thoughtful way to show mom that you’re thinking of her, her experience and a way to give back.

There are a plethora of organizations to choose from that focus on not just research, but awareness and advocacy as well. If mom has a charity or organization that she connects with, consider making a donation to the cause. There are many dedicated to breast cancer, ovarian cancer, mesothelioma and other rare and aggressive diseases. For information on ways to donate towards mesothelioma research in particular, visit our Get Involved page.

The Ultimate Gift

The options for gift ideas are endless, but there is one option that will always be the best gift – time. Cancer can be unpredictable, so it’s important to cherish every moment possible with mom. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to put everything else aside and show her that there is nowhere you would rather be than by her side.