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News December 15, 2016 MAAC Staff

Canada Bans Asbestos – Will the U.S. Be Next?

This morning, Science Minister Kirsty Duncan announced that Canada will implement a full ban on asbestos by 2018. “We are taking action that is…

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News December 12, 2016 MAAC Staff

What the 21st Century Cures Act Means for Mesothelioma

Last week, both houses of Congress passed the 21st Century Cures Act, a sweeping piece of legislation that will overhaul the way that medical…

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News November 30, 2016 MAAC Staff

EPA to Investigate the Possibility of Banning Asbestos

On November 29, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released its list of the ten chemicals that the agency is going to be investigating…

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News November 28, 2016 MAAC Staff

Public-Private Partnerships and the Cancer Moonshot Initiative

Ever since President Obama announced the Cancer Moonshot Initiative in his State of the Union address earlier this year, the country has been making…

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News November 8, 2016 MAAC Staff

Bevacizumab as a First-Line Chemotherapy Treatment for Pleural Mesothelioma

After receiving a diagnosis of mesothelioma, patients are usually given treatment options that are based upon a number of different things such as their…

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News November 1, 2016 MAAC Staff

How Wearable Technology Could Lead to a Better Mesothelioma Treatment

Wearable technology is all the rage these days, from fitness devices like FitBit, to apps that will use the GPS on your phone to…

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News October 28, 2016 MAAC Staff

The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Seeks a Disease-Free Future

As the fight to eliminate diseases affecting mankind continues, more organizations are coming forward with different approaches towards achieving similar goals. One of the…

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News October 25, 2016 MAAC Staff

Microsoft Launches Project Hanover to “Solve” Cancer

We’re used to hearing about the exploits of Microsoft in the world of technology, computing and all things related to the internet, but what…

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