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Veteran Legal Support

Those who have contributed to keeping our country safe should be entitled to as much personal and emotional care as other citizens. Suffering from mental and physical issues often makes for a lower quality of life. Veterans who suffer from physical illnesses such as mesothelioma because of their jobsite while they were in the service deserve the utmost care and concern by those who help others that suffer from the same disease. It has been known that those military personnel who suffer from mesothelioma cases and other forms of lung related illnesses are not getting the same attention in diagnosis and treatment as others.

Mesothelioma begins through asbestos exposure many years before the actual symptoms of the disease are evident. Service men and women both worked and lived along side products that contained asbestos, without even knowing it. The US government did not ban the use of asbestos before 1970, causing millions to be infected by the hazardous fiber. Also, it has been noted that over 30% of military personnel have been affected by asbestos related diseases such as mesothelioma. More specifically, Navy veterans are at a higher risk of developing types of asbestos-caused diseases because the toxic substance was used extensively on ships and in shipyards around the country. It is difficult to know what ships did not use asbestos, so none of them are considered safe.

Fortunately, more is being researched about what types of military fields were most affected by asbestos contamination. Besides research there have been a number of support systems created for helping veterans to increase the benefits they already receive. Resources range from rising health benefits to legal support. Veterans of the armed services are entitled to certain benefits. There has even been a set of veteran organizations that have worked together to ensure that the rights military personnel have (emotional and health benefits) are properly secured. Both victims and families have been able to file suit against the organization, company, or military base that exposed them to asbestos without their knowledge. As a result, those infected with mesothelioma or other lung related illnesses have been able to receive the monetary and health benefits to which they are entitled.

Everyday, cases regarding asbestos illnesses are being postponed to further investigate and find crucial evidence. The main goal for victims and their families is to be persistent in finding help. There are a number of websites, numbers, and agencies that can help handle certain cases caused by asbestos. Since these exposures occurred more than thirty years ago, it is often a difficult and long-term task to receive benefits for a victim's current condition. It is important for victims and their families to find a lawyer that specializes in asbestos cases in order to receive the settlement that they deserve. There are a number of law firms that offer free consultation along with information on where to get started with the case process.

Last modified: December 24, 2010.