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Mesothelioma Treatment Guide

Patients diagnosed with malignant mesothelioma will typically have many different treatment options available to them. The options available to a specific patient will depend mostly on how extensive the disease is and the health of the patient at diagnosis. Each patient’s treatment regimen will be different and accommodate the patient’s individual circumstances. Oncologists and cancer specialists will be able to help patients and families decide on the best possible treatment regimen by taking into account a number of factors.

Stage at Diagnosis

Patients in whom mesothelioma is diagnosed earlier will typically have more treatment options available to them than those diagnosed with more extensive disease. Stage one mesotheliomas are typically localized within either the pleural or abdominal cavity, and in many cases, can be surgically removed. Surgical removal is often not possible however, because many patients are diagnosed with later-stage disease. Later stage mesotheliomas can however, be controlled and treated, though usually with some combination of chemotherapy and radiation.

Age and Health of Patient

Because mesothelioma is typically diagnosed late in life, many patients are at an advanced age upon diagnosis. This can complicate treatment regimens which may put the body under a great deal of physical stress, like chemotherapy and radiation. Many very elderly patients will forgo any aggressive therapy in favor of maintaining quality of life. Independent of age, if a patient is in poor health at diagnosis, this can complicate treatment options. Many treatments may actually worsen patient health over time.

Cancer specialists, doctors, and loved ones can help a patient and family decide on the best possible treatments for those diagnosed with mesothelioma. However, no patients should ever feel that they don’t have options. Prognosis is mesothelioma patients has extended in nearly all cases because of recent advancements in mesothelioma treatment. To learn more speak with your doctor today or complete the form on this page to receive a complimentary mesothelioma treatment guide, delivered to your door. Learn more today.


Last modified: December 24, 2010.