Free Mesothelioma Information Packet

Sundaresan T. Sambandan MD


Dr. Sambandan is a Rhode Island-based oncologist with a specialty in internal medicine and hematology. Oncologists are doctors who specialize in the study and treatment of cancerous tumors. Dr. Sambandan focuses on hematology (relating to the blood-forming organs), which typically involves the lymphatic tissues.

For cancer patients, anemia – a lack of red blood cells – is often an issue. A hematologist like Dr. Sambandan is often called in to treat anemia in cancer patients. A common side effect experienced by cancer patients undergoing various treatments, anemia provokes a feeling of fatigue and weakness. Many doctors recommend an iron, B12 and/or folic acid supplement.

Mesothelioma patients who are undergoing treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation may be referred to a hematologist like Dr. Sambandan. It is important for cancer patients to understand that it often takes several different types of physicians to form a successful cancer treatment team.

Last modified: December 24, 2010.