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Robert B. Cameron M.D.


Dr. Cameron is currently the Director of Thoracic Oncology at the UCLA School of Medicine in the Department of Surgery. He also serves as the Assistant Professor of Cardiothoracic and Surgical Oncology and is Chief of General Thoracic Surgery at Wadsworth Veterans Administration Hospital, where he has experience working with United States veterans suffering from asbestos-caused pulmonary diseases, such as mesothelioma.

A graduate of Stanford University in 1980, Dr. Cameron earned his medical degree at UCLA in 1984 and underwent extensive training at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center/Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center between the years of 1992-94. Dr. Cameron completed his training in surgical oncology at the National Cancer Institute in 1989 and was certified in thoracic surgery in 1995.

Dr. Cameron is a distinguished member of the American Medical Association, the American College of Cardiology, and is also the Chairman of the UCLA-Johnson Comprehensive Cancer Center Thoracic Tumor board, a title he has held since 1997.

In addition to these memberships, Dr. Cameron also served on several committees during the nineties, and still serves on the UCLA-Johnson Comprehensive Cancer Center Quality Assurance Committee.

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