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Dr. Craig Stevens


Dr. Craig Stevens currently serves as the Department Chair of Radiation Oncology at the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center. His work primarily focuses on mesothelioma, lung cancer, radiation-treatment planning for lung cancer and predicting tumor and normal tissue response to radiation.

Dr. Stevens has been active in both the clinical and basic science research for cancers of the chest including pleural mesothelioma. He is one of the pioneers in the post-operative Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), lung tumor hypoxia and lung tumor radiation treatment planning.

Mesothelioma, after initial treatments, has a high rate of reoccurrence. Radiation treatment can be difficult to administer because large regions are at risk including the whole chest and lymph nodes. In an effort to overcome the difficulties, Dr. Stevens and his team have worked to develop a technique that will deliver the appropriate treatment without causing harm to the other organs. IMRT can deliver 10 to 15 percent more radiation to the tumors while not increasing harm to other vital organs. So far IMRT has been most effective when dealing with prostate, head and neck cancers.

Dr. Stevens received his Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he majored in Biology. He then completed his PhD and medical degree from Northwestern University with a doctoral thesis on Tumor Cell Biology. Dr. Stevens fulfilled his Internship and Residency at the Georgetown University Hospital specializing in Radiation Oncology.

He has published over a hundred scholarly publications as well as receiving numerous awards including the Owen L. Coon Research Scholarship and Nellie Fox Research Scholarship both from Northwestern University School of Medicine. Dr. Stevens was also an ASTRO Research Fellow at Georgetown University Hospital, named the RSNA Research and Education Fund Awardee, and received the American Cancer Society Career Development Award.

Aside from his written publications and awards, Dr. Stevens has participated in a number of professional activities including working on the Gynecology Committee’s and Lung

Committee’s Radiation Therapy Oncology Group and was a visiting professor for the University of Rochester Medical Center in May 1999. In publishing, he worked as an associate editor for the Radiobiological Practice Examination, a reviewer for the Cancer Journal and previously served as a member of the University of Texas’ Houston Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences.

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