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Duke University Medical Center

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Tel: 919-416-3853
Address: Erwin Rd. Durham NC, 27710

Patient Resources

As a Cancer Center ranked in the top ten among similar facilities in the country by U.S. News and World Report, Duke University Comprehensive Cancer Center is designed to treat patients with many forms of cancer.

The lung cancer program itself, is a uniquely coordinated effort to treat each patient with in a multidisciplinary manner to ensure the best possible care is afforded to them. Physicians, counselors, and other specialists will work together with the patient and the family to decide the best roadmap to treatment for each specific patient, placing an emphasis on the patientís role in the process. The patient will be guided and advised from different sources, including those above, but also their family and primary caregivers to ultimately decide the best route for treatment.

The multispecialty lung cancer clinic incorporates the research efforts of pulmonologists, thoracic surgeons, medical oncologists, and radiation oncologists in a coordinated setting which is constantly striving to discover more advanced and effective treatment mechanisms. Combined with the interdisciplinary aspects discussed above, this holistic web of support provides world-class care to lung cancer patients.

Driving Directions

From the North via I-85

  • Use I-85/US 460 towards Durham/Atlanta
  • Use exit 174B at Hillandale Rd.
  • Turn Left on Hillandale Rd.
  • Continue forward on Fulton St.
  • Turn Left on Erwin Rd.
  • Turn Right on Trent Dr.
  • End at Duke University Medical Center

From the South via I-95

  • Use I-95 North
  • Use exit 81 to merge onto I-40 W towards Raleigh
  • Use exit 279B to merge with NC 147 North toward Downtown Durham
  • Use exit 15A to merge onto Trent Dr.
  • Continue forward on Trent Dr.
  • End at Duke University Medical Center

From the West via I-40

  • Use I-40 E towards Winston-Salem/Durham
  • Take slight left at exit I-85 N.
  • Take slight right NC-147S towards Downtown Durham/Research Triangle Park
  • Exit onto Fulton Street
  • Take left on Fulton Rd.
  • Turn Right at Trent Dr.
  • Continue forward on Trent Dr.
  • End at Duke University Medical Center


One of the most important things for anyone battling a life threatening illness is the presence of family and friends. Certainly a physician and clinical staff will be the most important thing for the general health of the patient, but nothing can replace the care of a loved one. Having this support around you can be difficult when forced to travel to certain facilities because of your specific condition. Hotel and accommodations can be difficult things to deal with when there are more pressing matters on the mind of the patient and their family. Below is a list of affordable Durham-area hotels for those family and friends who may accompany you as you battle your cancer with the help of their strength and support.

La Quinta Inn and Suites
Research Triangle Park
1910 West Park Dr
Durham, NC 27713
(800) 531-5900

Doubletree Guest Suites Raleigh/Durham Durham
2515 Meridian Pkwy
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 361-4660

Red Roof Inn Triangle Park
4405 Hwy 55 East
Durham, NC 27713
(919) 361-1950

Homewood Suites
4603 Central Park Dr
Durham, NC 27703
(919) 474-9900

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