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Portland Shipyard

Cascade General is a shipyard company that owns Portland Shipyard, located in Portland, Oregon.

Like many other shipyards, Portland opened due to the need for more ships to support wartime efforts in 1942. Portland ran its own facility until Cascade took it over many years later in 1995. Its growing success is in large part due to its involvement in the World Wars and its ability to produce a large amount of ships in a short time for emergency efforts. Its popularity is ever growing because of its ability to produce on-budget repairs for a number of different ships as well.

Portland Shipyard is popular for its repair facilities because it is not limited to the size and model of any of the vessels. Some of its most efficient work revolves around tugboats and tankers, among other types of watercrafts. This shipyard serves both large and small crafts with its numerous dry docks and other facilities. The company's most unique asset is the ballast water treatment service which it offers to shipping customers across the country.

One of the most dangerous industries to work in during the 1940s was shipbuilding and ship repair. Many toxic materials, such as asbestos, were used during that time because of their unique strength and fire resistant qualities. Workers did not commonly use protective gear and clothing when surrounded by these dangerous toxins. Most individuals did not know that any harm was being done to their body because the dangers of asbestos were not well known until the late 1970s. Those who worked in boiler rooms, below deck, as insulators and plumbers were most prone to inhaling toxic substances such as asbestos.

The public is now seeing an increasing number of lung illnesses caused by asbestos exposure. Once the fibers are inhaled, they are lodged crevices of the lungs, which then cause scar tissue over time. Symptoms vary depending on the patient and some feel no change to their health at all. Unfortunately, mesothelioma cancer and asbestosis can be mistaken for other lung ailments and even pneumonia. The best way to determine whether or not a prior shipyard worker has indeed developed mesothelioma is through testing from his or her doctor.

Those who have been infected know little about the disease, treatment procedures and compensations available to them. Fortunately, there are a growing number of support services that enable patients and their families to learn more about the options regarding their mesothelioma diagnosis and treatment process. There is even legal and medical advice that is offered to help procure compensation for damages caused by the shipyard industry responsible for the hazardous contamination.

Last modified: December 28, 2010.