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Occupational exposure to asbestos is not limited to simply shipyards and power plants. Asbestos exposure can, unfortunately, occur in almost any industry where older fixtures are not maintained or asbestos containing materials are handled or utilized. The nature of asbestos is such that its applications were incredibly varied. It is possible that people who may be exposed to asbestos do not even know that it was possible because it was found in so many materials. Asbestos exposure is the leading cause of a cancer, mesothelioma (the most common form of this cancer is pleural mesothelioma). In most cases, mesothelioma does not manifest itself until several years after asbestos exposure, making the causal relationship between the two factors difficult to connect.

Most often, asbestos was used for insulation in construction materials. It could be found in foam, spray, and roll out insulation used in buildings and also countless other-jobsites materials. Nearly all aspects of the construction industry have at least some limited exposure to asbestos in the removal or repair of older fixtures. Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency strictly prohibits the use of asbestos in construction and other-jobsites industry. However, because of the delay in symptoms and diagnosis, many are still becoming sick because of prior workplace exposures. An expedient diagnosis helps your doctor to determine the best mesothelioma treatment.

There are few industries which are completely immune to asbestos exposure. However some are more susceptible than other-jobsitess. Because of its many uses, these occupational hazards can vary a great deal. Below is a listing of other-jobsites jobsites in which asbestos exposure may have occurred.

Other Jobsites:

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