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Caregivers November 30, 2015 MAAC Staff

Healing the Emotional Costs of Caregiving

There are an estimated 40 million Americans who take care of elderly or ill family members. It comes as no surprise that taking on…

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Health & Wellness November 24, 2015 MAAC Staff

5 Houseplants That Filter Indoor Air Pollution

Many people don’t realize that the air indoors is often more polluted than the air outside, which can pose a great threat to lung…

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News November 20, 2015 MAAC Staff

FDA Approves Keytruda to Treat Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Last month, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new drug, known as Keytruda, to treat non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) that…

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Health & Wellness November 16, 2015 MAAC Staff

Asbestos: The Un-Banned Cause of Mesothelioma

Asbestos, a natural mineral fiber found in rock and soil, has been widely used but is far from harmless. Historically, asbestos has been used…

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In The Community November 10, 2015 MAAC Staff

Making Time to Remember Our Veterans

Veterans Day is on November 11 each year. It’s an important day because it gives an opportunity to honor the men and women who…

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Patient Support October 28, 2015 MAAC Staff

The Treatment Mind Game: How to Feel Better During Chemotherapy

When fighting a battle against cancer, finding ways to feel uplifted and motivated to move forward is crucial. While treatment is meant to create…

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Health & Wellness October 23, 2015 MAAC Staff

Don’t Take Work Home With You: How To Prevent Contamination From Clothing

Industrial and construction workplace environments are notoriously dangerous; risks are part of the job description. Hazards such as heights and other immediately threatening situations…

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Patient Support October 16, 2015 MAAC Staff

10 Ways to Help Manage Your Cancer Care

Simply hearing the word “cancer” can suddenly make life feel overwhelming. Questions can flood your mind, and it can be paralyzing simply thinking about…

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